Chinese settlers brought this mushroom to the Philippines, Malaysia, and other South Asian nations between 1932 and 1935 (Baker, 1934; Chang, 1974).
Because paddy straw mushrooms thrive at relatively high temperatures, they are often referred to as “warm mushrooms.” It is a mushroom that grows quickly; in ideal growth conditions, the entire harvest cycle can be finished in 4-5 weeks.

LIFE CYCLE AND GENETICS Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation.

The majority of mushroom species are haploid, in contrast to green plants, and the diploid phase is typically brief and limited to the basidium. The paddy straw mushroom differs from other types of mushrooms. As homothallic organisms, they do not require a mating type factor for the germination of individual uninucleate haploid self-fertile spores to develop mycelia and complete the life cycle. There are no clamp connections found in any Volvariella species. In V. volvacea, basidiospores receive just one nucleus apiece after meiosis, clamp connections are lacking, and hyphal cells are multinucleate. The growth rate and other properties of single-spore mycelia vary widely.It is still challenging to classify this mushroom as primary homothallic since many researchers’ studies have produced conflicting reasons for why self-fertility exists in the majority of basidiospores and is absent in the minority.


The six distinct developmental stages of the paddy straw mushroom’s fruiting body are pinhead, tiny button, button, egg, elongation, and mature stage.
Every person has a unique anatomy and morphology.

  1. Pinhead stage: As seen in Figure 1, the veil is perfectly white, and the stage is the size of a pinhead. The pileus and stipe are not visible in the vertical section. The structure is made entirely of hyphal cells.
  2. Tiny button: Interwoven hyphae create both the tiny button and pinhead phases. Just the tip of the veil is brown in a young, little button; the remainder is white (Fig. 1). It has a rounded form, and the lamellae appear as a narrow band on the pilus’s lower surface if a vertical cut is made through the button.
  3. Button stage: The stipe is marketed at this stage of the paddy straw mushroom while it is at its longest (Fig. 2). Waterproof sketching ink is used to mark the seam.
  4. Egg stage: At this point, the pileus is also able to garner a premium price on the market and is forced out of the veil, leaving the veil volva (Fig. 2). Once more, the stipe is not apparent at this point. This stage’s lamellae do not contain basidiospores. Up to this point, the pileus is still very tiny in size.
  5. Egg stage: At this point, the pileus is also able to garner a premium price on the market.
  6. Elongation stage: The stipe reaches its maximum length and the pileus stays close, albeit smaller than in the mature stage (Fig. 2). Waterproof sketching ink is used to mark the seam.
Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation
Paddy Straw Mushroom Cultivation

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